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A poem from my soon to be published poetry book


Every day he’s screaming.

But no one ever hears.

He must be strong.

So no one sees his tears.

At night he dreams.

Of a life that may never be.

Of an ideal life.

That in a sense he may be free.

He has this feeling.

That life is passing him by.

His lifespan creeping.

Towards the day he’ll die.

What’s there in between.

The cradle and the grave.

But to work and to struggle

To scrimp and to save.

He’s been a provider

Put a roof over their head

Fought all there battles

And kept them well fed

But do they appreciate

Just what he has done

Or do they ever realise

His life was no fun

No, they just criticised

They took all and ran

Their eyes were shut tight

To the fact; – he’s a man

For it is far too easy

To take for granted what’s there

Look at the husband and father

And tell him – you care


Ice Maiden


She was cold

With a heart made of black ice

Waiting for disaster on a treacherous road

She was high

Hyped up on anger

Hatred inside switched her mind to overload

She’s an ice maiden

Dishing out all she ever got

An ice maiden

A square peg in a round slot

She was fast

Like a driver in the fast lane

Bitter at the deals she’d been dealt

She was scared

Hiding down the back lanes

For fear someone may discover her heart could really melt

She’s an ice maiden

Dishing out all she ever got

An ice maiden

A square peg in a round slot

He was tall

Just like an ivory tower

Giving her shelter from the storm

He was hot

Like a summers day

In his arms she began to feel warm

She’s an ice maiden

He’s put her in his melting pot

An ice maiden

A square peg melting in a round slot

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award.  A big thanks to catnipofife for welcoming me to the sisterhood, I would love to be a member & join the bloggers award… Susan D Shevlane

Some comic prose on aging, just to make you smile


I wish I was the same standing up

As I am lying down

But gravity takes over

When my feet touch the ground

My midriff bulge, my double chin

The mirror doesn’t lie

The silver threads upon my head

Tell me I need hair dye

I try to do some exercise

But can no longer touch my toes

Which results in even more expense

Because I’m two size up in clothes

My hearing’s going, my eyesight too

Should I admit defeat?

When passengers upon the bus

Always offer me their seat

Hi, I have been…

Hi, I have been….

Hi, I have been…

Hi, I have been a Helium member since 2006, and after a period in hibernation over in Texas have finally finished my first book, which is being published by Amazon, and hopefully ready for launch this June. Does anyone have any tips on marketing or hosting a book launch. I am new to blogging, so any advice will be welcome. Thanks

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